Holiday Timetables


ANZAC DAY Wednesday April 25, 2018.

Club will be 24/7 only on this day.

Group X, Arena and Yogabox sessions below:

Beenleigh (GO)

5.00pm Body Pump

6.00pm RPM

Browns Plains (GO)

4.45pm Body Attack

Browns Plains (ARENA)

5.30pm Tap Out

6.15pm Tap Out

Carindale (GO)

4.00pm Warrior

4.30pm SPZ

5.00pm Body Jam

Carindale (ARENA)

4.00pm Tap Out

5.00pm Tap Out

Nundah (GO)

5.00pm CX WORX

5.30pm Body Pump

6.30pm RPM Express

Nundah (YOGABOX)

6.30pm Yoga

Rothwell (GO)

6.30pm CX

7.15pm Body Pump

Rothwell (ARENA)

5.15pm Tap Out

6.05pm Tap Out

Rothwell (YOGABOX)

6.30pm Barre

Springwood (GO)

5.00pm Body Pump

6.00pm RPM

Springwood (ARENA)

5.15pm Tap Out

6.15pm Tap Out

Springwood (YOGABOX)

5.40pm Yoga

Kids Zone will be closed

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