The Basics Of Building A Back

The Basics Of Building A Back

Last Updated: 08/11/16

There's something about a well-built back, isn't there. On top of the fact that you'll be able to show off a defined physique in backless tops and singlets, strengthening your back is a really important step towards protecting your spine. Our spines are important. Stretching and strengthening your spine will help your back to avoid injury, and it will also help you if you tend to suffer from back pain. 

 Sometimes when you walk in to a gym, finding the right equipment for the job can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are not an Exercise Professional. These exercises are some of our favourites for building a strong back, while stretching and strengthening our spine. 

Building Back Strength: Lat Pull Down

 This bad boy is one of the best exercises you can perform in order to increase your back strength. While pull ups and chin ups are still the most desired exercises when it comes to improving strength, they can be very difficult to do. This is where the Lat Pull Down comes into things. If you are at all unsure of the movements performed here, please see an exercise professional before you try them for yourself. 

  • Position your hands just outside of your shoulder width
  • Make sure your elbows are pointed straight
  • Lower the bar to your chest, or just under your chin
  • Return the bar back to the start


Building Back Strength: Seated Row

 The Seated Row is also a great exercise for strengthening your back, especially your upper-back. Pulling-type exercises should be incorporated into your workout plans. Pulling exercises like the Seated Row can really help you to minimise injury in your back. For every pushing exercise you do, you should do a pulling exercise as well. 

  • Sit up straight, keeping your back straight at all times
  • Keep your knees slightly bent
  • Do not move your torso, only your arms using power from your back
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together to really make your back work


Building Back Strength: Chin Ups

 Chin ups are hard, really hard. Using just your body weight, you can give your upper body an explosive workout that will primarily target your lats, biceps and shoulders. 

  • Keep a neutral spine
  • Take a grip just wider than your shoulders
  • Pull your body upwards until your chin is over the bar
  • Hold on to that position briefly, before controlling your way down and repeating


Building Back Strength: DB Rows

 One arm dumbell rows can be performed in many different ways. We like to keep things simple by completing them with one arm and one leg supported on a bench. 

  • One knee and one hand supported on the bench
  • One foot on the floor, the other holding the dumbell
  • Keep your back flat, using your shoulder blades to bring the dumbell towards your chest


Correct Your Technique When Strengthening Your Back

Proper technique is really important if you want to build your back properly and prevent injury. Get in touch with one of our Exercise Professionals if you'd like to know more about these exercises and how you can perform them in the gym.

 Disclaimer: Please seek medical advice prior to attempting this workout or any exercises mentioned in this article.

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