How To Use Gym Equipment: Shoulder Press Machine

How To Use Gym Equipment: Shoulder Press Machine

Last Updated: 14/11/16

When you first walk into the weights area of a gym, it can be quite confronting. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be a bit of a mission trying to figure out how to use the gym equipment all by yourself.

With that in mind, we’ve started to create a ‘How To’ series that will walk you through the setup of gym machines and equipment. We hope that this will help you to get in and get your workout done without having to figure it all out for yourself first.

And so, here’s the first of the series!

How To Use Gym Equipment: The Shoulder Press Machine

The Shoulder Press Machine is typically a pin-loaded machine that you will find at GO Health Clubs. They are used to work muscles in your shoulders and the exercises performed on this machine are suitable for beginners. If you are at all unsure, please make sure that you seek the help of one of our exercise professionals.

Adjust the weight

When you use the pin-loaded shoulder press machine, it's important that you adjust the weight to match your strength levels and what goals you are looking to achieve. To change the weight on our shoulder press machines, simply slide the pin out from the weight stack, and slide the pin into your desired weight plate. If you are at all unsure about how much weight you should be loading on, be sure to pull aside one of our Exercise Professionals. Everyone is different when it comes to lifting weights, and a qualified personal trainer will be able to figure out what weight you should be lifting in person. 

TIP: You are safest to start with a light weight.

Adjust the seat

When operating the shoulder press machine, it's important that your feet stay flat on the floor. Every shoulder press machine has an adjustable seat to help you with this, so make sure that you utilise this feature. It's easiest to do this before you sit on the machine. To adjust, pull the lever underneath your seat to set at the correct height for your body. Make sure that you test that the seat is properly engaged by pushing on it first before you take your seat. 

Adjust your grip

On a typical shoulder press machine you will have two grips available to you that will dramatically change the muscles that you will be working throughout your session. Once you have chosen your grip, you can start the shoulder press movement by pushing up on the grip with your back flat against the bench and feet flat on the floor.  When completed, return the weight back to the weight stack slowly getting getting off the machine. 


 Disclaimer: Please seek medical advice prior to attempting this workout or any exercises mentioned in this article.

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