How To Use Gym Equipment: Leg Extension Machine

How To Use Gym Equipment: Leg Extension Machine

Watch as Browns Plains PT Arno Englebrecht takes you through the mechanics and technique of using the leg extension machine. 


Adjust your desired weight

The leg extension machine is a pin loaded machine, so it’s simple to adjust the resistance. Simply pull the pin out of the weight stack and slide it into your desired weight plate. Remember that if you are a beginner, it’s important to lift light first and build your way up as you feel safe and comfortable to do so.

Adjust your seat

You can adjust the back of the leg extension machine by pulling the lever at the back. Adjusting your seat to match your thigh length will help you to sit back in your chair and isolate your legs when lifting the weight. Ensure that the seat is locked in properly before you sit down on the machine.

Adjust for leg length

To do the leg extension exercise correctly, it is important that your ankles are placed just under the pad. Adjusting this setting will help you to drive the weight up correctly. Simply change the setting by pulling out the pin on the selector to your right (once sitting) and place the pin into the selection that suits you best.

Adjust the arc

The arc on the leg extension machine is the setting that will change how far back the pad sits on the bottom; this will alter your range of motion depending on which setting you select. 


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