How To Use Gym Equipment: Lat Pull Down

How To Use Gym Equipment: Lat Pull Down

The Lat Pulldown machine is a versatile machine that is going to target your back; particularly your lats. It’s important when completing exercise on this machine that you always maintain a neutral spine and you squeeze your back on the way down.

Adjust your desired weight

The Lat Pulldown machine is a pin loaded machine. Simply pull the pin out of the weight stack and slide it into your desired weight plate. Remember that if you are a beginner, it’s important to lift light first and build your way up as you feel safe and comfortable to do so.

Adjust your seat

When you sit down on the Lat Pull Down Machine, your legs should fit comfortably under the pads. If it is too loose or too tight for your legs, adjust the width between the pads and the seat. Having pads that rest on top of your legs firmly will help to hold your body in place when you are lifting the weight, which is important to keep your form.

Position your hands just outside of your shoulder width

When you are doing a lat pulldown, your hands should be placed just outside the width of your shoulders. Holding the bar like this will ensure that you target the right muscle group.  

Make sure your elbows are pointed straight downward

While completing a lat pulldown, your elbows should point straight down. This ensures that you target the correct muscle group and maintain a good posture. 

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