Glute Exercises Using Weight Machines

Glute Exercises Using Weight Machines

There are lots of ways that you can use weight machines at GO Health Clubs to build that booty. Try some of these burners today and incorporate them into your workouts if you feel safe and comfortable enough to do so.

Remember to ask one of our Fitness Professionals in club before you attempt these movements, especially if you are at all unsure or uncomfortable with these movements.

The leg press

The leg press is a great machine to work your glutes, quads and hamstrings at the same time.

Shoulder width apart leg press

Take a traditional leg press stance by placing your feet on the plate shoulder-width apart. Driving through your heels, push the plate backwards to create distance and straighten your legs. It’s important NOT to lock out your legs when you straighten them; maintain a soft bend in the knees always to prevent injury.

Sumo leg press

The sumo leg press takes the traditional stance (as explained above) and changes your feet positioning so that your toes point outwards and widen the distance between your feet. Once you get to this stance, it will become obvious why they call this one ‘sumo’.

Complete the sumo leg press as you would usually complete a normal leg press rep. The change of positioning will make sure that you target your inner and outer thighs than anything else.

Leg press pulses

Take either the traditional or sumo leg press version, and then add a pulse. IT WILL BURN! (…but in a good way). To pulse, drop the machine only to half way and then extend your legs back til they are almost straight. Then, bend your knees to only half way again, before driving back up.

These small movements are called pulses and are very powerful in any workout.

The cable machine

The cable machine is an incredibly versatile machine in the gym. You can do several exercises on a cable machine, including glute exercises that will make that booty pop.

Standing glute kick backs

The standing glute kick back is something we see at the gym a lot, and with good reason. This exercise is amazing for building strong glute muscles that define your backside.

To complete a standing glute kick back, adjust the cable machine so the pulley is positioned at the bottom and attach an ankle cuff (or a similar loop attachment that will fit around your shoe or ankle safely). Face the weight stack and hold on to the steel frame for support. Keep your knees and hips slightly bent forward and keep your abs tight before kicking your working leg backwards.

Then, slowly bring your working leg forward, resisting the weight on the way back. Repeat for your desired amount of reps.


The leg curl machine

The leg curl machine work your hamstrings, which are an important part of toning your bum.

To complete a leg curl, set up your machine with your desired weight. Make sure that your seat has also been adjusted for your body. Once in the machine, resist the weight by pushing down on the pads, bringing your feet towards your body. 

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