Functional Fitness For Females (Or Anyone Focused On Curves)

Functional Fitness For Females (Or Anyone Focused On Curves)

Unlike some things in the fitness industry, functional fitness is not a fad. Functional fitness mimics everyday movements so that you grow stronger where you need it the most. This is particularly helpful to ensure that your workout aids you in completing everyday tasks; like picking up the kids or carrying in the groceries. What's more is that, because these exercises use more muscles than traditional exercises, you are likely to burn more energy (AKA calories) when you do these kinds of workouts.

We know that you're thinking - WIN WIN. 

The effectiveness of Functional Training is one of the many reasons why we incorporate SPZ (Sports Performance Zones) in each of our clubs. We stock our SPZ zones chocked full of medicine balls, free weights, fitness mats, viprs and rollers to ensure that you can maximise the space for your Functional Training. Enough about us though, let's talk about how we can maximise Functional Fitness to build killer curves. The movements tone what we use the most, making functional training an especially good way to build muscle where we want it (did someone say booty?). 

Benefits of functional training: 

  • Improved balance
  • Better posture
  • More coordination
  • Makes everyday movement easier
  • Decrease of injuries in daily life

Build a BOOTY with Functional Training

Who doesn't want a plump, sculpted booty? Building your glutes with functional training is no walk in the park, though it is certainly worth the work. As with any fitness regime, you get out what you put in. The most effective legs and butt exercises work all of the muscles in your lower body, which is why functional training is so important in this area. 

Kettlebell Swings + Hip Thrusters + Barbell Lunges

This trio is iconic for building booty. These exercises target all of the problem areas and directly work to build strength in your entire lower body. 

Bridge Rolls + Step Ups

These bridge rolls are a form of glute bridge. The difference? They burn MORE. Basic step ups will improve strength in your legs and mimics movements that we do everyday. You can also adjust the height to match your fitness level. 


Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are great for targeting your rear end, and they've been a BIG focus this year. Let Chantel walk you through Donkey Kick variations in the video below. 

 Sculpt ABS with Functional Training

Due to the nature of Functional movements, most of them work your core, too. However some moves work it better than others, and this is what we will focus on here. 

Plank Push Up + V Ups + Russian Twists + Superman Plank

This compilation of ab exercises is a great insight into which functional exercises are really going to target your abs. 


Leg Raises


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