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Denham's Story

Electrical Engineer by day, and fitness model by night! Read More

Denham - Success Story

Steph's Story

Former Ballerina, Steph, now prefers deadlifts and squats to pirouettes! Read More

Steph - Success Story

James's Story

James has lost a whopping 26kgs! Read More

James - Success Story

Ellen's Story

Ellen Mother of four can't live without her daily dose of Group X! Read More

Ellen - Success Story

Ashlea 's Story

Ashlea has lost a whopping 42kgs! Read More

Ashlea  - Success Story
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  • 4 mindset shifts to help your new year’s resolutions last

    4 mindset shifts to help your new year’s resolutions last

    Things get busy, you start to get stressed out, you over commit your schedule and before to long you’re too tired to get to the gym, you’re buying your lunch out every day; and breakfast – well ain’t nobody got time for that. If you’re at this stage, let’s nip in the bud before Easter rolls in shall we?

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  • Abs: Tone & Tighten

    Abs: Tone & Tighten

    Tone your tummy before Summer! Use our Abs circuit to combine your strength and cardio training to maximise your results

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  • I do it Standing up

    I do it Standing up

    Standing desks are all the rage at the moment, but what's it like to stand up while you work? And is it good for your health and fitness? Luke Brown, Go Health Clubs Digital Brand Manager has been giving the standing desk a road test for the last 6 months.

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  • Tips to Train your Appetite

    Tips to Train your Appetite

    We all know that we need to eat to survive, but many struggle to identify when you want food and when you need food. Distinguishing between the two isn’t as easy as it sounds, and for many of us is the key contributor to managing our weight.

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  • Make Time to Sleep!

    Make Time to Sleep!

    Many believe they are too busy to sleep and can think of a hundred things they need to do instead of “wasting” time sleeping, but little do they know that sleeping is a basic human necessity.

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  • Rewarding Yourself

    Rewarding Yourself

    A Vital Step on Your Path to Health, Happiness & Wellness

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